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The Leopard 1A5 is a medium-sized battle tank based on the well-known and reliable Leopard 1 MBT.
It is a tracked vehicle with an electro-hydraulically (Option 1) or electrically operated all-round turret, with a manual backup (for hydraulic control).
The crew comprises 4 people. The tank commander, the gunner and the loader sit in the turret and the driver in the front right side of the hull.
The weaponry comprises a 105 mm gun, a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, a 7.62 mm anti-aircraft machine gun and a smoke canister launcher.
The Leopard 1A5 battle tank is intended mainly to combat armoured targets with the 105 mm gun, ground targets with the coaxial machine guns and airborne targets with the anti-aircraft machine gun.
The battle tanks are equipped with an automatic thermal imaging fire control system. Observation and aim with this system can be carried out both day and night as well as under reduced visibility (fog, some, etc.). The fire control is linked to the electronic unit of the turret’s electro-hydraulic (or electric) system to provide appropriate firing information. Known as “fire control,” this part will be modernised by including new components to enable newly acquired tanks to remain at the optimal level with updated performance in line with contemporary standards and thus will logistical support provided for the next 20 years.
During operations at night under battle conditions, the driver’s episcope may be replaced by an IL control device.
The welded hull is divided by a gas- and water-proof wall into an engine compartment and a battle compartment. The engine compartment contains all the assemblies required for propulsion, including the fuel tanks.
The Leopard 1A5 battle tank is driven by a 610 kW (830 HP) multi-fuel engine which transmits its power to the transmission and the steering assembly, and from there to the crawler track system through train gears. Engine, transmission and cooling engine are assembled in as single drive train that can be replaced rapidly.
The vehicle is steered through transmission and steering assembly.
The foot brake is a hydraulically operated disc brake acting on the axles of the left and right speed reducing gear trains.
The mechanical hand brake actions on the discs of the foot brake.

A heating system is used to heat the battle compartment as well as to pre-heat the engine (cooling liquid and motor oil).
An alarm and automatic fire extinction installation is used to fight fires in the engine compartment.
Observation during operations with closed lids is carried out through episcopes.
The built-in NBC ventilation and protection system provides protection against the effects of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.
After a short preparation, fords 1.20 m deep can be crossed. Once the deep ford crossing equipment has been installed, fords 2.25 metres deep (top edge of the turret) can be crossed. Two electric drain pumps deplete water infiltrations to the outside. Once the ford has been crossed, the Leopard 1A5 battle tank is immediately ready for battle again.

Length with gun in road position (6 o’clock): 8290 mm
Length with gun in road position (2nd position): 8185 mm
Height (with antenna): 4540 mm
Drive train (length x width x height): 2520 x 2100 x 1220 m

Empty weight: 40,200 kg
Weight in combat order: 42,200 kg
Maximum authorised weight: 42,800 kg
Drive train (ready to use): 4,700 kg
Specific ground pressure (in combat order): 8,8 N/cm2

Maximum speed (2,200 rpm): 62 km/h*
Maximum speed in reverse in 2nd gear: 24 km/h
Maximum speed (1st gear, torque converter, idle): 4 km/h
Swivel radius (with turret at 6 o’clock): 4.96 m
* Maximum authorised speed in the German army: 50 km/h

All-terrain capability:
Vertical obstacle max.: 1.15 m
Trench crossing max.: 3 m
Maximum slope: 60 %
Maximum elevation: 30 %
Class MLC 45/46
Fording depth (without preparation) max.: 1.2 m
Fording depth (with deep ford crossing equipment) max.: 2.25 m
Diving with special equipment max.: 4.0 m

Main armament:
Manufacturer: Royal Ordonance
Gun: L7A1/3 - 105mm
Type of tube: striped
Anti-bending sleeve: yes
Movement #: -9°/+20°
Residual gas blowing: smoke box

Type: NATO Standard 105mm
Loadind: manual
NATO interoperability: yes
Total number: 60(57) / 42 stored in the chassis to the left of the driver
Number of shots available in the turret: 15
Type: all NATO Standard 105mm ammunition including the latest developments.
Performances (range): 2500 m
Firing rate: 7 shots/min