M113 A1B (A2)

Crew: 3: commander, driver, and gunner. The vehicle can carry 6 servants and full equipment for Command Post variant and communication suite.

Conventional aluminum alloy, with an additional layer of spaced laminate steel armor bolted to the hull (STANAG 4569 Level 1).

Length 4.86 m
Width 2.69 m
Height 2.02 m
Combat weight 10.8 tons
Fuel capacity 360 L
5.2 Technical Specifications

The automotive performance data reflect use on a paved road.
Maximum speed 64 km/h
Maximum water speed 6 km/h
Maximum range 483 km
Step 0.6 m
Trench 1.63 m
Slope 30%
Gradient 60%
Fording amphibious

GMC (DDC) 6V-53N two stroke supercharged diesel engine.
This power plant generates 157 kilowatts (210 hp).
The 28-volt electrical system features a 200-ampere alternator and two 6TN batteries.

Allison Transmission Division TX-100 automatic gearbox, with one reverse and tree forward gear ratios. The AIFV employs the DS 200 differential steering unit (reinforced).

Suspension and Running Gear:
Torsion bar suspension (Class 15 Ton), with five dual-tired road wheels on each side. Like the M113, the AIFV does not mount track return rollers. The drive sprocket mounts to the front. The first, second and last road wheel stations feature hydraulic shock dampers (Improved Koni).