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The core business of Sabiex International is to buy old vehicles and propose the vehicle either in"as is" configuration either with a complete overhaul and upgrade to its customers, the overhaul/upgrade can be performed from the chassis to the electro-optics, depending on customer requirements. This overhaul option is providing a cost-effective solution to our customers with a high performance platform.

Sabiex international holds a large stock of armored vehicles in its warehouses including: M113 / AIFV / SK105 A2 / LEOPARD 1A5 / GEPARD / M109.

Refurbishment, overhaul & upgrade of armoured combat vehicles examples:

M113 vehicles "as is", before overhaul process

M113 production line

Complete disassembly and reassembly of the vehicle

Painting job of the complete hull after disassembly

Internal view after overhauling

Internal view after overhauling

External view after overhaul process

SK105 A2 vehicle before upgrade

SK105 A2 during upgrade process, complete hull refurbishment, installation of new fire control system