SK 105

SK105 A2

Crew 3 Maximum gradient (%) 75
Weight (kg) 17.700        Camber (%) 40 
Power-to-weight ratio (HP/tonne) 18.3  Vertical obstacle (mm) 800 
Ground pressure (kg/sm2) 0.67  Ditch (mm) 2410 
Length (mm) 7735 Turning radius (mm) 8500 
Width (mm) 2500  Engine power (HP) 320 
Height (mm) 2529  Forward speeds
Chassis height (mm) 1413  Rear speeds
Ground clearance (mm) 400 Main armament calibre (mm) 105 
Caterpillar (mm) 2120  Secondary armament calibre (mm)     7.62
Caterpillar element (mm) 380  AA armament calibre (mm) .50 / 7.62 
Length of caterpillar on ground (mm)     3037  Main ammunition allocation 42
Maximum road speed (km/h) 70  Secondary ammunition allocation 2000
Fuel capacity (l)      Elevation (degrees)  12
Maximum road range (km) 500  Depression (degrees) -8 
Fording (mm) 1000     

The 6-cylinder in-line water-cooled turbocharged Diesel Steyer 7FA engine that develops 320 HP (238 KW) -- @ 2400 rpm – Torque: 1100 Nm, and the transmission (ZF Ecomat 6HP600 - automatic) are in the back.
The electromechanically operated gearbox is a ZF with six speeds forward and 1 reverse.
The suspension is provided by means of torsion bars. Four hydraulic dampers are installed, 2 on the right and left first front wheel arm and 2 on the last right and left wheel arms. Each wheel arm’s travel is limited by a mechanical stop.
The crawler track consists of five double rollers with rubber tyres, a sprocket in the back, an idler pulley in front and three supporting rollers.

The hull of the SK105 is made of rolled steel. The driver’s compartment is in front, the turret in the centre, and the engine and transmission are in the back. The front end is invulnerable to 20-mm projectiles; the rest of the vehicle provides protection against small calibre projectiles.

The turret is a modified version of the French FL 12 Fives-Cail Babcock turret used to equip the AMX-13 light tank.
It is an oscillating turret, the upper part of which, with the gun connected thereto, rotates in the lower part for aiming.

The tank commander is placed on the left and the gunner on the right.
Each has a small turret and observation devices.

The main weapon is the 105 mm gun equipped with a thermal casing and a muzzle brake. The gun’s vertical travel range is 12° above the horizontal and 8° below; the turret rotates 360°.

The ammunition allocation comprises 44 (forty-four) 105-mm shells and 2,000 (two thousand) 7.6-mm cartridges for the coaxial machine gun. The gun is loaded via two cylinders situated in the turret bustle. When the cylinders are empty, a member of the crew has to get out of the tank to replenish it. After firing, the cartridge case is ejected via a hatch in the back of the turret. Electrically operated smoke grenade launchers are placed on each side of the turret.

The vehicle is equipped as a standard with a control and firing system for night combat. The back of the turret is equipped with an automatic loading system for the gun.