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OIP Land Systems S.A.
Rue du Moulin de Marvis 38
7500 Tournai

T +32 69 78 97 00
F +32 69 78 97 60


Spare Parts

In its 30.000m² warehouses, OIP Land Systems accommodates a large inventory of spare parts to be used for a wide variety of military vehicles (M113, GEPARD, LEOPARD 1 MBT FoV, AIFV and more).
The company is best known as the major supplier of spares for French vehicles (mainly the AMX family, AML 60-90 and VAB).
OIP Land’s efficient and flexible organization can dispatch any part all over de the world from its facilities in Tournai (Belgium), respecting extremely short delivery times, as well as meeting long-term supply needs.


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