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OIP Land Systems S.A.
Rue du Moulin de Marvis 38
7500 Tournai

T +32 69 78 97 00
F +32 69 78 97 60


Trading and Stock

The company regularly buys military vehicles and surplus goods, in order to resell them after reconditioning. OIP Land Systems is particularly known for a large range of tracked armoured vehicles (AMX 13, M109, M113, LEOPARD ARV and GEPARD), wheeled armoured vehicles (AML 90), trucks (REO 2.5T and 5T, UNIMOG 404S) and armoured RIOT-CONTROL vehicles (BDX).
However, similar competences apply for combat vehicles of eastern origin, either MBT’s (T-72), tracked or wheeled AIFV/IPC. Depending on specific requests, all these vehicles can undergo a complete refurbishment, as well as a customer-defined upgrade before delivery.


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